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1 More Try July 23, 2012

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Hucka D. says the new town is called Alvin but I’m not sure it even has a name, or will stick around long enough for such.


Alvin (just leaving that in to satisfy Hucka D.)
Carcass-None or Carcassonne
Baddest Town or Town Baddest

That’s it for now.

If the “town” lives beyond August 7th, then what is its purpose, its mission statement? No galleries in the place except for the Sink Lair, which had no other place to be for now. Toxic Art Gallery containing the Art 10×10 is nearby but on freebie land. Same for the Temple of TILE, norris, and the Table House, which are all still around and on land I pay no tier for. I feel no great need to show the art of others outside Edna’s photos now. All the galleries that use to inhabit Pietmond are now gone, and the X-Spot Gallery is also not presently rezzed (even though that’s a relative low prim way of showing about all of the same art from these other exhibitors).

Hucka D.:

There is no reason to keep Town Baddest. But it was no risk fun for 3 weeks.


Never had property that runs along a Linden road for so long like that. Quite interesting; may keep!

Hucka D.:

No. It’s time to start the private blog or whatever. Already started[ in fact].


Suppose so.


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  1. […] This post describes another parcel I bought in Rubi in summer 2010, which I did manage to hold onto for at least several months. To compare: the present parcel is over twice as big (8704 as opposed to 4096), and cost about a third of what I paid back in 2010. But both were long strips of land, with lengthy borders along the Rubi Forest. My present land also reminds me of a parcel I briefly held in the Baddest sim of Nautilus. […]

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