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“With… July 13, 2012

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… the next carcass, Hucka D., non-carcasses that can be named will equal the number of carcasses, both with 19, then. Amazing.

Hucka D.:

King of the Stans is the last non-carcass. And Billfork is the first carcass correct. Billfork, Herman Park, Haze County, US of A.

The 19th carcass will then be Carcass-7. Carcasses have no other names besides numbered carcasses within the confines of this blog, a natural limitation.

Hucka D.:

You have graduated high school. Soon will be college. Soon will be The Table. The Table is already there. Middlesboro… path of Green.

Two interesting humps of moss lie nearby. Do they represent a middle “green way’ between opposites red and blue? Does The Flat as a whole stand for this median position?

Cousins (brothers?) Bossmoss and Mossman per chance?

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