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Hilo Philo July 10, 2012

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Carcass-One has been eliminated as of July 6th, several days ago now. What I have left is the Table House on the edge of Mysten’s Twin Cities, officially called Mysten Parva and Mysten Underhill by their creator. The creation of The Table House fulfills winter plans to establish The Table in this community, thought to be perhaps in a rental unit within at the time. But the attempt to rent a house in Mysten Underhill failed, with the owner not responding. I then knew what I was dealing with was essentially a dead town, and still is (it hasn’t come back to life in other words, in the meantime). Still it puts off an energy I can use.

“Hucka D., want to talk about Mysten’s twin hamlets?”

Hucka D.:

We must get a name. But we must first realize this is a clash of Lemon and Lime, as you have guessed already. The revelation or tracing of a Lemon past could only be done at this time, when the Lime part has become porous, let’s say — you know what I mean.


You mean Linden controlled Second Life mainland is breaking down or emptying out, allowing an ancient past to peek through once more.

Hucka D.:

This ancient energy line runs north to south, as the Linden line or Lime line operates essentially east to west. The up is Duncan Falls and the down is Durant.


Then, let’s see, this must be the Philo Line. The ancient community is Philo (!) Even with its own labyrinth.

Hucka D.:

This is Philo. With labyrinth. (smiles back)


And kind of Hilo as well, with its high and its low. Duncan Falls and Durant again.

Hucka D.:

Hilo has already been associated with Ancients in this blog, baker b.



Hucka D.:

If this is true Hilo, then where…



Line Philo


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  1. […] interesting, because I’d already named another Second Life community Philo (or Hilo) — see here. And this is the sim VWX Town now appears in, which is kind of a replacement for this […]

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