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vice-deputy-sub-assistant July 7, 2012

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“The Island still attempts to speak to me. It is Guam. It is Nome through Guam. Ummagumma. 4 in 1. Foreign One.”

Hucka D.:

Sounds like me (!)


Special TILE, the former majesty of The Island through Guam the Island through Nome the Island, has turned into Mundane TILE or reverted. Magic lost. Ugum River.*


Hucka D.:

Well, let’s talk about that, then.



Hucka D.:

You first.


Don’t know where to start.

Hucka D.:

Start at the beginning. Does it start with Special or does it start with Mundane?



Hucka D.:

Magic is first, then non-magic. Correct. The world is naturally magical. In and of itself. It can be deadened.


Castor and Pollux came first. Then Castor and Pollution. Pollution is deadening. Pollution is what it says it is. Sinking. Moving away from. Cline… Klein Bottle can still connect. This is Oz. 4 in 1. Foreign One.

Hucka D. (quoting):

“He explained in his final State of the Island Address that the name change will solidify his legacy as governor and cement his place in history.” It is an attempt to return to the magical. It will take more than a name change, but that may be a start. Why not keep the name the same and return the magic all at once. Embrace Guam, but yet do not embrace the changes that are associated with the name. Return the magical.


* Approp. quote:

“The river has always been respected,” Joe explains, for that’s where the spirits dwell. We were cautioned and taught not to destroy anything around the river area, or any water area. Normally we’re taught not to make any noise around that area, or there will be warnings from the spirits that you have done that.

“And such warnings are bruises on your bodies, on places where you don’t know where it came from. These are ancestral spirits, not like the ancient times, where you have spirits of the moon and spirits of the stars, and all of that. The Spanish came in and all of that had changed, but the respect for the water remains, because of the resource that it brings us.”


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