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Concreek Once More x 2 July 5, 2012

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Pool at The Hump has obviously dried up in recent days, although now by the time I snapped this picture last weekend it was filling back up with water. When I revisited Con Creek yesterday, however, the pool was completely dry again, with cracks widened. How long will it take to fill up this time?

Interesting rippled rock on the downstream side of this pool. I guess I’ll go ahead and call it Hump Pool for lack of a better name right now.

Rhododendron now in full bloom in the woods.

Interesting “spirit” effect in this particular picture.

Also near The Hump’s dried up pool was found this hornet, still attached, it appears, to part of a fallen nest. The hornet seemed to be dying.


Then yesterday I took the remaining shots of this blog post, starting with two objects found when first entering a Concreek region I call The Flat, just north of The Island and Con Creek itself. True to its name, the region is basically flat, bordered on one side by the Slope of Philo next to Concreek (a name subject to change) and then by another slope with thick rhododendron on the far side from Concreek. The two objects in question are a single rhododendron bloom (pink) and a cracked bird’s egg, perhaps a robin’s egg. The conjunction of pink and blue immediately caught my eye upon entering The Flat, and I knew I should take my first picture of the day here.

Two interesting humps of moss lie nearby. Do they represent a middle “green way’ between opposites red and blue? Does The Flat as a whole stand for this median position?

Interesting stump with attached roots in the middle of The Flat, as seen through the rhododendron branches.

Early appearance of fall leaves? Or is it just a partially dying tree?

Tangle of rhodo limbs just upstream from Concrete Falls, near the center of The Island.


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  1. […] think of the red and blue greeting I received upon recently entering Lower Concreek’s The Flat region, and the two green mossy humps that seem to offer and median or middle way (Middlesboro theme […]

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