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Return of Concreek June 26, 2012

Filed under: Concreek,Herman/Frank Parks (rl parks) — baker Blinker @ 5:47 am

The pool in front of The Hump has been replenished thanks to recent rains. I’m sure the resident crayfish is pleased.

Great trees on The Other (the island next to The Island in Lower Concreek), which I believe might be buckeyes. Compare with here, for instance. I’ve also seen at least one buckeye nut in Lower Concreek, and on The Other as well if I’m remembering correctly. Very beautiful from beneath don’t you think?

Abstract taken near The Hump. I may experiment with more of these in the future; it was created by rapid camera motion while snapping the shot.

Interesting close up of the dirt bank of The Hump. I may create more of these as well. Does The Hump hold secret messages within such details? Might be.

A row of 4 briars on The Other just up from The Hump, two green and two brown (and presumably dead).

Somewhat failed shot of the eastern tip of The Island, where I attempted to capture filtered sunlight above the creek.


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