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Concreek: A Few More June 21, 2012

Filed under: Concreek,Herman/Frank Parks (rl parks) — baker Blinker @ 6:35 am

The Pool at The Hump (still unnamed) is drying up as the summer heat and minimal rain scene continues. Hope the little crawdad living within is still doing OK.

Another view of the pebble lined hole at the west end of The Other. Best pic yet of it thanks to a bit o’ sun.

Ovool or Opol — more shots. It too is drying up slowly.

Central twist of Two Root Tree.

Dry Falls, and now the pool below it has dried up as well. I attempted to take a closer look at the revealed bottom but failed to get under the logs of 4 Logs to reach it, or didn’t want to risk damaging any more of the plant/animal life there than I had to.

Very intersting picture, to me, of algae now separated from Concreek water. Looks almost artificial, or as if it were made of threads of small green sequins.

Rock wall at Green Stream where Jacob I. Road passes over top of it. Don’t know why I’ve missed the significance of this wall before now — probably passed it hundreds of times without giving it as much as a 3rd glance. Now that will change (btb, this is also where I saw that much larger crayfish mentioned in the Concrete Again 03 post below).


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