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Thoughts 06? June 20, 2012

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Have put my Second Life land up for sale and will probably not buy any more until August. So just like last year, I will be tier free in July, maybe beyond. I’ve saved all my work at Carrion, and there’s a possibility I will buy more land after the sale — an equivalent Siliconicus parcel is available as of now. But what would I do with such a parcel? The focus since the beginning of June has been Concreek and attached Frank and Herman Parks, and I can’t see that changing unless another “outside” Mystery Area forms, such as it did in the Abingdon area for me this Spring (Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area). I would also classify Wiltshire County visited by Baker Bloch and family in Spring 2010 as another, larger Mystery Area, and, in fact, I’ve linked the two together through the Abingdon archetype present in each.

Crop circles have been surprisingly slow to develop this year.


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