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Concreek Again 05 June 18, 2012

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More shots from that interesting, mossy space next to the junction of Parallel Creek with Green Stream. I will return to this subject!

Old log across Green Stream just downstream from the aforementioned pool forming, in turn, immediately after Parallel Creek enters this flow from the south.

Pool itself.

Small rapids just above pool. That’s Parallel Creek, once more, entering from the top.

Close up of same.

We now switch to a nice, fern covered open area between Parallel Creek and Concreek, encountered on path crossing the top of the ridge between the two.

Then we end this little series of posts with a photo of two flowers found on Jacob I. Road while making my way back to the car. To the left and also the upper right corner in the background we have several examples of what are commonly called fire-pinks. To the right is a yellow flower that I unfortunately couldn’t determine the name of.


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  2. […] Beautiful new spot found on the banks of Green Stream further downstream from any place already mentioned in this blog, but not far beyond the location described in this earlier post: the mouth of Parallel Creek. […]

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