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Concreek Again 04 June 18, 2012

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Upon entering The Clear from The Dark (or The Bends), dark clouds were spotted to the west. This despite the popular local forecaster’s promise of an almost perfect, sunny day, pheh. The one thing you can predict about Blue Mountain weather is that it’s basically unpredictable. Cliche but true.

Another snapshot of Dry Falls in The Clear while sitting on one of the four fallen trees — “4 Logs” — crossing Concreek just below it.

From the same place, I also took this picture of a golden fly posing on a sunlit birch leaf.

On the way back up Concreek, I snapped this photo of interestingly aligned ferns within a mossy log.

Then it was on to new adventures and fun as I decided to hike up the path in the middle of The Bends that crosses a ridge to Parallel Creek instead of merely going back to Jacob I. Road following Concreek. The detour turned out to be very well worth the effort, as I subsequently was able to follow Parallel Creek all the way to Green Stream, to my surprise; brand new territory here.

First a snapshot of Parallel Creek and interesting rocks within. I certainly plan to return, and perhaps even make a separate map of this creek to complement the one already created for Lower Concreek.

The vast Green Stream marshy area as reached by Parallel Creek. This Fall I also plan to make an extensive map of the whole of this larger stream that soon flows into Spoon Fork from this point. The total lenght of Green Stream is about the same as TILE Creek, or about a mile and a half. And it could turn out to be just as sacred as TILE Creek, which is saying a lot.

A very interesting, mossy space just above where Parallel Creek drains into Green Creek. At the top of the below picture can be seen part of a larger pool formed by Green Stream immediately past this juncture, as yet unnamed.

Parallel Creek meets Green Stream.

A curious “X” shape in a mossy bank from the same area. Does this X mark a spot similar to my virtual X Spot Gallery designating Carcass-One as “The Place” (at least for a time)?

Interesting, nearby tree forming 3 bands at its trunk.

Concreek Again 05!


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