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Concreek Again 03 June 18, 2012

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Okay, so in doing some research, I now know the names of the clusters of plants on either side of a mossy log next to The Hump. This clump is made up of stinging nettles, which are found all over Frank and Herman Parks and forests throughout the area…

… and these are umbrella plants, also a commonly found plant in these here parts but not as common as the nettles (which are everywhere, and, yes, they sting if touched!).

Before moving down Concreek to investigate other parts, I spotted this crayfish in the center of the pool pictured at the end of the Concreek Again 02 post. I was surprised to see its presence in such a small pool of water. How did it even find this isolated spot? Did it slowly make its way up Concreek from the larger Green Stream? Btb, several weeks ago I spied a much larger crayfish in Green Stream, probably only about 1/8th of a mile from The Island. It looked like a small lobster, and is one of the largest I remember seeing in the Blue Mountain area. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me at the time.

So we move away from The Island and also bypass The Other and The Straight regions of Lower Concreek to reach The Bends and this interesting pool formed at the end of Big Bend, which, well, is the biggest and also last of the 3 or 4 bends Concreek makes in this area. I’ve mentioned in this post just below that there’s some debate on the naming of Lower Concreek regions, specifically whether yet another region called The Dark should be designated between The Bends and The Clear. If so, my guess is that it would have to start right here at the end of Big Bend. But I’ve also speculated that this might instead be a historical region, no longer used, just like the Citrinitas stage of traditional alchemy fell into disuse in the 16th Century or so.

The end of Big Bend (End Bend?) also contains a rocky island, as yet unnamed, and a potentially very magical, oval pool called Ovol (portmanteau of “Oval” and “Pool”) that God supposedly resides within beyond The Static (which is also said to have absorbed The Dark?). The next 3 pictures are of this pool and the accompanying birch tree growing above it and whose roots form part of the oval itself. The lower side of the oval consists of a leaf and branch dam built by unknown means — yet another mystery to add to the still growing list concerning Concreek as a whole.

Dam to left, root to right, tree to back, Rocky beachy area to front.

If The Dark is still a pertinent area, then this is probably its center: one of a number of small cascades in Lower Concreek but defined by its larger rocks in comparison to others. On the Lower Concreek map prepared several days before, I call this simply “Rock Drop”, a name subject to change. Ironically, when I was passing this cascade, it became directly illuminated by the sun, making it super bright in effect, as recorded by the below picture.

Close-up of same.

Unusual branch in “The Dark” called Two Root Tree, because it is anchored to the ground at both its “beginning and end” while spanning Concreek at the same time. Although smack the middle of the path running from The Island to The Clear, I dare not cut such a sacred plant down. I merely step either over or under it to progress.

Sun illuminating Concreek just before it reaches The Clear. I plan to take more of these type of pictures, but one basically has to be there in the middle of the day when the sun is more or less directly overhead. Overall Lower Concreek is quite dark, especially in this particular spot appropriately called The Dark (at least at one time).

Concreek Again 04!


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