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Concreek Again 02 June 18, 2012

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Tangle of rhododendrons near the center of The Island. No way through this stuff, believe me.

Other end of The Island’s aforementioned floating tree, its “top”.

Interesting light green leaf mottled with brighter green. Yet another island mystery object?

What appears to be a deer path runs across the width of The Island, crossing the top of Concrete Falls on its way out. Here we see the path enter the island from its opposite side (south). This path also runs quite close to the root end of the floating tree.

Interesting green stained root in a more muckish part of Concreek’s northern flow around The Island.

Floating tree with jagged tree stump. I’m tempted to call this stump The Cathedral because of the appearance of spires, but I might change my mind.

Difficult to get a decent picture of Concrete Falls but here’s another try, with floating tree to the right now. You can see how close the two mystery objects of the concrete falls and “4 leaves with stem” underneath the roots of the floating tree are, a mere couple of yards. Must be related, to my mind.

Detail of Concreek just below Concrete Falls, with an interesting drip over the roots pictured that I wasn’t able to successfully capture either with a still shot or on video. Doubtful that it will appear the same in subsequent visits.

More seeming mystery in moving down to The Hump at the western edge of The Island now: this half of a broken pair of sunglasses was placed up on the hump in the dirt part several weeks ago — let’s see, that would be almost 2 weeks ago as of today. In the meantime, part of the root system of the fallen tree has been dislodged that included this part of the sunglasses. Not really that mysterious in and of itself, perhaps, but the lens opening in the sunglasses also is firmly wedged onto another piece of root already on the ground (i.e, not fallen), which I’m not sure how could happened “naturally” (once more). I found it impossible to move, actually, without threatening to tear up the whole piece, so I left it. What could be the meaning of *this*? Again, I think I’ll reserve further thoughts in a separate post also dealing with the leaves/stem mystery more toward the center of The Island. My feeling is that there’s a very great chance the two involved events are directly connected, especially given both involve unrooted trees.

We stay at The Hump area for pictures of a small but very interesting pool of water immediately in front of the root system, facing the dirt wall formed here.

The Pool has yet to garner a name, but I have a feeling toy avatars will soon be moving in (again?) to the area, and will most likely generate their own Concreek naming system to add on top of mine. Psychically I can feel their (future) presence around this pool. I almost have it…

Concreek Again 03!


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