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Concreek Again 01 June 18, 2012

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Yesterday (Sunday) it was back to Concreek’s The Island for more fun and photos. The weather forecast said sunny the last time I checked, but the day turned out to be basically overcast. Rather disappointing, but the sun did peek out in spots. The problem with much of Lower Concreek is that it’s so dark in there because of all the trees and underbrush that to take decent pictures you have to have sunlight, at least with my present camera.

Interesting rock on the upper end of The Island (the end closest to Jacbo I. Road, and the part I thus first encounter when visiting the place). Could be a mystery map; hafta analyze more later.

A drowned forest centipede within Concreek just in front of the rock.

This closeup of what appears to be a mayfly didn’t quite turn out, but still represents an interesting failure perhaps.

This is the rock strewn passage atop the northern flow of Concreek around The Island that allows one to reach it safe and dry from the direction of Jacob I. Road. I think I’ll call it Entrance Passage.

A yellowish mushroom of unknown species on The Island.

Another view of the Entrance Passage, buttressed by 2 moss covered rocks, one triangular shaped and the other more square or block shaped, at least by what we can tell from the exposed part.

Closeup of rocks just downstream (Upper Concreek flow still). That may be a piece of “concrete” in the center; again I must make a mental note to check this out upon a return trip, which might come as early as today (?).

Okay, so here we go with the *really* weird stuff. I’ve already talked about my attraction to uprooted trees in Frank/Herman Park related posts this year, specifically tied to 2 in the Upper TILE Creek area of Herman Park. * So when I first saw this newest, “floating” tree on The Island, I knew I had to take a closer look. But for some reason I delayed snapping an actual picture until Sunday — too many other things to examine in the area, I suppose. So I took the below shot, and *only then* noticed the odd arrangement of leaves just beneath the bottom of the uprooted tree.

Take a closer look: each similarly sized leaf of this unidentified weed seems to have been *carefully separated* from the stem, then arranged around this stem in what is perhaps a mock up of their original, relative positions in respect to each other. Now I must reinforce here that *no one* knows about location of The Island except me, not even the wife. I make sure that the true positions of Frank and Herman Park highlights I write about in this blog remain concealed beneath an obscuring mythology of names, stories, and mysteries; the *mythology* is the important thing here to any readers, I feel, and not the actual places, which would probably be pretty boring to visit for most in person. True, an otherwise motivated hiker on Jacob I. Road might wander down to The Island out of curiosity, following my faint trail. Yet even if so, they couldn’t know about my Island mythology or my attraction to “floating trees” that would draw me to this particular spot for a destined photo in due time. No, for me I must start with a *supernatural* explanation: *someone* removed these leaves from the stem one by one, then placed them, along with the stem itself, on the ground just below the floating tree’s roots for me to see. No other way I can see this unfolding; we start with this impossibility and work forward, accepting it.

And it’s such an odd topic that I believe I’ll create a new post soon just dealing with it alone, and move forward for now into other Concreek photos I took the same day. Many more to review still!

So we end this Concreek Again 01 post with a shot of an emerging rhododendron bloom from The Island. Soon the local woods will be full of such pinkness. Beautiful!

Concreek Again 02!


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