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Thoughts 04 June 15, 2012

Ovol or Oval or Ovool (but probably Ovol) is portal to TV Staticland. It is how you see God. It is end of Carcass-5.

Hucka D.:

Yes. I’m here. Good work[ finding Ovol]. Good work for the day.


I’ll go back today, even.

Hucka D.:

Square falls into Static at end. Yes. Mobius Strip. Dark Side of the Rainbow heartbeats to end. Wind. Mobius. TV is destroyed and only static remains. Sphere types and creates static. There is much to that. Father Fred.


Father FRED.


Fifty-six: Carcass-5 and Carcass-6. Two eyes. Twins. Twinned eyes.

Live Bach, Dead Bach


Sphere types the blog. This Blog.

Hucka D.:

Yes. No one understand. The Blog. Korean. Great literature instead in English and readable. Jasper and Newton, dark and light. The Dark. The Clear. Is Ovol in the center of Dark? Is it light in darkness?


It is God.

Hucka D.:

It is light.


It is Dark.

Hucka D.:

It is Clear.


It is shallow.

Hucka D.:

So forth, so on.




In the Dark Days, The Island was surrounded by Castor. Only Cline brought light, uniting the 4 parts against The Worm. The Worm pointed to Center. The Early Bird catches Worm and Bird leads to light beyond Bias. Castor and Pollution becomes Castor and Pollux. Twins again, of course. Manny the Worm in his sleeping bag worm position is kicked out of Black Books and does the Dance of Judas, the Wiggle of Judas or the Judas Boogie. Wiggle like a Worm. Later Manny is called a Worm by boss for cowarding out of responsibilities in world of Galactic Books and returning to Bernard in Black Books. Bernard, then, is the Bird catching the Worm? Or is Simon Pegg (Evan)?


Evan leaves, Manny jumps up on the counter in a sleeping bag with a muffin and a book. Bernard is watching, he closes his spy hole, wraps up in the wet sheets, coughing all the time, sits in his chair, lights a cig, coughs and it fall into his wine, throws a book at the light switch.

Next morning at Goliath Books, Evan arrives while Manny is still in his sleeping bag.

EVAN: Morning Manny.

MANNY: Morning Evan, just popped in to do my yoga. I do it every morning, in my yoga bag. Just running through a few positions. This is the worm, worm saluting the sun, anaconda.

EVAN: Manny I’m a reasonable guy. I like to be straight with people I expect them to be the same. If you tell me the truth I won’t get mad. So tell me, did you sleep here last night?

MANNY: Yes I did (they both laugh)

EVAN: I’m really angry now!!



EVAN: Manny! Come here.

MANNY: Bernard he wants my hair.

BERNARD: How dare you. Don’t you touch a hair on that boys head, have you no respect? He’s mine, get your own human play

thing. You quartz brained little cream puff. (Aims a punch at Evan, misses and fall on the floor, Fran and Manny run to help)

EVAN: OK well I tried. There’s obviously no point out reaching to people like you. Manny in two years you could have been vice-deputy-sub-assistant, but you’re not, you’re here shuffling around on the floor like the worm you are.

Evan goes back to Goliath Books, Manny has clogged the Do-te-de-do machine with muffin crumbs, Evan gets an electric shock, all the devices go crazy, a camera falls on Evans head.


So The Worm of Cline Island points to The Sun in the center of the 4 colors of red, green, blue and yellow, as Manny points to The Sun in Goliath Books in Black Books. Evan does not like Manny to be a Worm, and thus does not like him pointing to Sun. Like Mr. Burns in Simpsons, Evan wants to blot out the Sun, and to make all in Dark and make the owl’s deafening with their incessant hooting. Bernard likes Manny as The Worm. Later Fran also takes yoga (real this time) and says hello to Sun famously. Anaconda also probably plays role here.

Wurme is importantly a country of Mythos with POPE Beanstalk assumingly pointed to Sun. Represents The Dump play. Wurme is yellow, cast out of Eob (green) and in league with red (Gurr) in Synthesis War to end all wars. Also opposed to blue (Bridee), but allied with same during Holiday Wars predating Synthesis War. Cline passes through Wurme (Edwardboro) to reach Monkey City but never does, instead becoming the seed of the POPE beanstallk.

Hucka D.:

I’ve been woke up again. Carcass-4, The Unfinished, must be dealt with and this is another opening. Jacob-I Road, leading to The Island which is 2 eyes in 1. 4 actually, if you count the hidden eyes behind the eyes. So you have the 4 colors of TILE again. Question: Is *this* where TILE is born?


The Island was called Cline’s Island in the Dark Days.


Hucka D.:

I’m tired of talking about this. I’m tired, period. I need to wake up at 9[ again].


Anyone else I can talk to?

Hucka D.:




— Cline (Manny Biano, or Manny The White) comes to The Island in league with /Evan/ (Goliath Books) and attempts to raise himself out of surrounding Castor Dark (Black Books). Clineism is born as Cline leaves tick home, with the Worm, 1) Established; 2) Establishing relationship to central Sun (salute), or CENTRE of Island; and 3) Taking in solar energy to become Anaconda. This is Cline becoming POPE in Mythos history or MythHist. Sun is in middle of 4 (Topographic Maps making up Cline Island in Missouri). It is combination of 4 primary colors of red, green, blue and yellow, or TILE in other words. Anaconda is total incorporation of solar energy to become Worm itself as Anaconda, a worm of a higher dimension.

— Cline retreats back to Concrete Falls (Black Books) and becomes non-Worm, or a different, more satisfying kind of Worm. Worm is removed from Island, just as you cannot see Worm on present sattelite map of Clines Island. Cline has been removed.

But of course in another way Manny is Jacob and Bernard is Man in Black. When Manny leaves Black Books, Bernard and the Man in Black become one and the same in Carcass-4. Sun in center of Island is same as Sun/Light in center of LOST’s Island. Evan does not like the worship of the Sun in the center of The Island. Manny has abandoned Bernard just as Jacob did to Man in Black.


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