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Lower Concreek Map June 15, 2012

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Lower Concreek is dividable into 7 or 8 realms, it seems, called The Up, The Island, The Other, The Straight, The Bends, The Dark (obsolete?), The Clear, and The Final. Each is a distinct environment. The center of Lower Concreek appears to be between The Other and The Straight, or at the tip end of Sunglass Islands. It can be identified, perhaps, with a small hole mysteriously rimmed with pebbles, elsewhere called a Portal. Nearby is Salaman, similar to Solomon but with a’s instead of o’s. Must study Biblical Solomon, then, it appears. Does Salaman live in this hole?

The central “urban” area appears to be beside Concrete Falls, one of several named cascades in the area and probably the most significant, being the name origin of Concreek itself (concrete + creek) and also tying it into more general, outside realms, specifically through Con Creek, California in Anderson Valley, and near the beginning of Alex Champion’s Art Line in Philo. The possible developing village there may also be called Concrete Falls (or Philo? Concreek? Phlo?). Concrete Falls lies on the upper side of The Island, which is one of two primary isles making up the Sunglass Islands, each of about equal area. The Other comprises the “other” island of the group (hence The Other Island or Other Island). Between the two lies The Hump, and the shrine to cheap and broken sunglasses everywhere. ZZ Top (or Double Z [Top]) may be a small community at the top of The Hump, then.

Lower Concreek is basically only accessible from Jacob’s I. Road or what is often shortened to Jacobi Road (Ja-cob-I or Ja-COB-i or Ja-COB-e even). It is said a man wandering off this road lost his prescription sunglasses at The Hump, or lost the perspective to see. The glasses were both red and blue, but maybe not 3d glasses. Or maybe they were. It is said that before this loss of perspective the two primary Sunglass islands were actually one island, called The Island. Afterwards, The Island became the west part of the new island, and The Other became the east end. This reminds me of the twinning of Jeogeot and Maebaleia/Satori among Second Life continents, also numbering 7 or 8 like the regions of Lower Concreek. Relationship?

Between The Straight (straight part of creek past Sunglass Islands) and The Bends (bend-y part of stream just downstream from The Straight) comes the intersection with a path crossing the ridge separating Concreek from Parallel Creek, so called because it parallels Concreek. Just beyond Parallel Creek lies a larger meadow extending all the way up to the legendary Square Forest, with legendary aspects still to be revealed in the main. Above both Square Forest and Parallel Creek lies 3 Ridge Hill, perhaps also called 3 Hill Ridge (unlikely). Perhaps also condensable to 3 Hill or just Thrill or The Thrill. Thrilling.

It could turn out that Green Stream, which Concreek empties into (as well as Whitehead Branch and Parallel Stream) could become the most important water flow in Frank and Herman Parks, beyond TILE Creek. We’ll see eventually how that battle for head status shapes up.

Continuing with Concreek, we have Dry Falls and The Clear beyond The Bends, with The Dark perhaps an obsolete region absorbed into The Bends. At the center of the old Dark realm is Rock Drop, still difficult to see because of the darkness but not as much as in the Dark Days before The Island. The Island lit up everything. Dry Falls, a larger drop when water is flowing over it, is at the center of The Clear where Concreek divides into several streams again. No island is really created this time, though. Below Dry Falls is 4 Logs, with great views of the falls and also Green Stream (assumed) in the fall/winter/spring when the leaves are off the trees. Beyond this is The Final, where Concreek makes its final push toward Green Stream. The Final has been blocked off for the summer months to protect regional plants, and will probably open up in the Fall sometime (as will all of Green Stream).

At 4 Logs lives Snoil, said to be the transport of choice for Salaman when he owned the whole of Anderson Valley that Concreek flows through. A Snoil is said to be the fastest creature in the region but you have to sprinkle it with anti-matter dust before riding. Just a smidgen, because otherwise it will create another portal to the Nether Regions (like has occurred in the center of Lower Concreek already). Salaman supposedly learned this the hard way, but on the plus side there’s lots of anti-matter dust in the area, esp. [The Sunk?]. In small doses anti-matter dust also changes water to concrete, supposedly.

The henge between Concreek and Second Life appears to be The Island, which is Maebaleia plus Jeogeot.

Another location: Oval Pool in The Bends, perhaps condensable to Opol. Might be reference to a (similarly oval) tv sceen.


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