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Thoughts 02 June 12, 2012

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Probably no more pictures from Concreek until this weekend because of the rain projected after work during the weekdays. Hucka D. and I have about talked the creek out. Next focus may be back to Quartz Brook and Wealthy Mtn., which I’ve basically ignored in this blog since last fall. That just shows how complex the seemingly (to others) quite small Frank and Herman Parks really are. To me they’re pretty big parks physically, but then enlarged greatly by the psychological space involved now, which keeps expanding. One year ago I knew basically nothing about Norris Stream and Concreek, for example.

I believe my experience with Carcass-One, my Second Life village, will end at the beginning of July when the next tier payment comes ’round. The main projects were the condensing of the Art 10×10 display within the Toxic Art Gallery (in complement with House Greenup) and also the creation of the Sink Lair gallery with the “Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area” exhibit therein. I have moved the former to 7 Stones (to complement the TILE Temple already left there) and have space to move the Sink Lair there as well if I choose (and I probably will). Oh, and also the creation of the X Spot Gallery, which seems to fulfill my desire to create a modern style, larger gallery skybox which would feature collage art from guest artists, as well as displaying art from friends. This would go beyond the similar Galactic Gallery of Pietmond last fall and winter — the X Spot is larger and more inclusive, although actually with about the same number of prims as the Galactic. Pretty amazing there as well. So I’ve been able to condense former exhibits and still have prims to play around with for another, potential gallery or exhibit. And that’s where I run aground, because I can’t think of another exhibit right now, and, groundside, I have a lot of pretty but mostly empty buildings, save the Sink Lair (Mystery Area exhibit within, as stated), SoSo (Oblong series of the Art 10×10 — a gateway gallery to the Toxic Art Gallery as I put it in the notecard), and some more minor exhibits like inside the Coolie Building, House of Truth, Home o’ Fibs, and Gallery 9/0. Oh, I also forgot to mention the “Dark Side of the Rainbow” exhibit still developing in Gallery 9/0 as well. Very exciting there, with great potential.

So do I hold onto Carcass-One beyond June? What do I have left to work on?

Hucka D.:

It’s up to you. But that’s 50 dollars worth of toys you could purchase.


So everything in Siliconicus.

Hucka D.:

Unless something comes up. And it might.


I don’t think a move back to Pietmond is in the works either. Might as well stay in Carcass-One. It’s comparatively large, with more contiguous space involved. In Pietmond, if I purchased the land again for a little under 40 bucks, I’d still have the Pietmond South jut to deal with — good or bad. And the X Spot won’t fit in Pietmond.

Hucka D.:

There’s no need to buy the Pietmond land back.


Don’t suppose.

Hucka D.:

You haven’t asked about Mossmen in a couple of nights. Or toy avatars in general. In the Frank and Herman Park story, still evolving of course, you are tracing a larger story.


I don’t think I’m quite done with Sunglass Island.

Hucka D.:

You must of course make a map before you’re done.


Thank you.



White Eyes, right and left. Turned Dark. Too Much Bright. Red and blue.

History of the Area

Years before this beautiful region was known to the white man, the great Shawnee Nation built Old Town, the village of Chief White Eyes, near present-day Duncan Falls on the Muskingum River. For years, White Eyes was on friendly terms with the white man including the adventurous trapper named Duncan who was permitted by the chief to hunt, trap and trade with them. Duncan became enraged when he found game was being stolen from his traps by a hostile band of Indians from across the river. Duncan began to shoot all Indians who meddled with his traps until he himself was shot by the hostiles while crossing the river at a low spot. His body was found on a gravelly ripple now called Dead Man’s Ripple, and the falls at that spot are called Duncan’s Falls because it was there that Duncan fell.


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