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Concreek Revisit June 9, 2012

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Journeyed once more to Concreek this afternoon and explored Upper Concreek this time, discovering a nice little cascade where an impasse was reached, or at least I decided I didn’t want to struggle any more with heading through rhododendron in tighter spots. *This* may be the fabled Duncan Falls, but that’s still up in the air, as a number of cascades in Lower Concreek have yet to be named.

No huge new finds on Concreek, although I examined most of the phenomena found Tuesday. I noted that there was no easy way to get past the lower part of Sunglass Island, also also noted that its very dark around Concreek between the island and the cascade in the more open area near Green Stream and the mouth of this tributary. Kind of spooky. Probably one more visit will give me a solid foundation for a map, perhaps coming as soon as Sunday. Tomorrow I have to go down to my mom’s to work.

It’s the island that remains the focus.

Hucka D.:

Concreek will be a blessing.


Thanks Hucka D. Who lived on the island?

Hucka D.:

Sun. Glass. Sunglasses. Still there.


Something different about this place.

Hucka D.:



I wonder if I should take my train track in there, Hucka.

Hucka D.:

Find Philo.


Thank you.


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