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Concreek Parallel Research June 8, 2012

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Only Glass Island in US is next to West Point, Virginia (not to be confused with the U.S. Army academy of the same name in New York). Map from

There is no Sun Island. There is a Sunny Slope Cemetery in West Point (upper right corner of above map) where I assume you’d have to don sunglasses at certain times of the day to see clearly. It is the largest cemetery in town, with over 2000 interments.

Of perhaps more interest is the presence of one of only two Indian reservations in Virginia very near West Point and its Glass Island. Article here:

The Mattaponi (English pronunciation: /ˌmætəpoʊˈnaɪ/)[1] tribe is one of only two Virginia Indian[2] tribes in the Commonwealth of Virginia that owns reservation land. The larger Mattaponi Indian Tribe lives in King William County on reservation lands that stretch along the borders of the Mattaponi River, near West Point, Virginia.[3][4]

There is no Concreek in US, but there is a “Con Creek” in Anderson Valley, California, noted for other things. Near its mouth is what’s called the Little Red Schoolhouse or the old Con Creek School, now a museum for the Anderson Valley Historic Society.

Anderson Valley, California is also known for its Indian inhabitation, as well as the unique Boontling language, wine and wine festivals, and marijuana growth.

Then in connection with Anderson Valley and Con Creek and Philo, there’s also this, copied from my most recent entry on the Synchronicity Phenomena Forum:

Duncan Falls
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Was researching Frank/Herman Park for my blog today and came across a map
synchronicity involving the recent defeat of the San Antonio Spurs and their
star Tim Duncan by Kevin Durant led Oklahoma City Thunder. I was studying
villages named Philo, and noticed one of only several in US was directly across
Muskingum R. in Ohio from “twin” city Duncan Falls. A quick scan of the area
turned up a Durant village to the south. A little more research uncovered that
they are on exact opposite sides of the Philo topographic map and directly north
and south of each other.

Here’s the map in case you want to check it out.

The only other Philo topo map of US contains only Con Creek in US, which is the
name I was actually researching. For other reasons I decided to name my newest
stream focus in Frank/Herman Park Concreek. There is no US “Concreek”, and “Con
Creek” probably comes closest.

If you pull up an alphalist of official population places on Philo topo maps,
Duncan Falls and Durant are also next to each other.

My guess is that one of the falls or cascades on Con Creek will be named Duncan Falls, perhaps one of the larger drops. Not sure which one yet.


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