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Condensing Carcass-One June 6, 2012

Filed under: Rubisea (Carcass-One) — baker Blinker @ 1:52 am

Basic reason for the condensing: to free up prims for skybox experiments. Now I have over 500 (!) as opposed to under 200 just yesterday. Think that’s enough for now. 🙂

Gone are the Toxic Art Gallery from Carcass-One, moved to Siliconicus (must get name for tiny village there?) beside the Temple of TILE. Erased also is the Quadtower of TILE and the “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit within. Think it may have run its course. New to Carcass-One is the Cinderalla Victorian House, which I bought this past winter but have never really used up until now. Seems to fit nicely all snugged up against the new privacy wall my neighbor to the south erected yesterday (another reason for the village changes).


As I am writing this, however, the village continues to change, with the Oculea train building, for instance, moved from the extreme northeast corner of town to the extreme southwest corner:

Stretched out again in this way, I must admit I like Carcass-One better than ever. Safe for June you are!


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