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Concreek 02 June 6, 2012

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Reaching the lower part of The Island again, I certainly did a double take when encountering not one but several stones with what appear to be clumps of white-ish rocks arranged on their surface.

Another type of clumping effect procured from the same spot on the creek. Is this a twig covered with such rock bits (but of a multi-colored pattern this time)?

I picked up another, flatter and lighter rock in the stream also demonstrating such clustering effects, and then was surprised once more when the attached rock-lets just rubbed off when I attempted to put it into my pocket to take back to the car. The resulting “clean” rock is pictured below.

Mystery hole on the side of the creek here, with more small rocks in front. What lives in this hole and why would they decorate the rim of their home with these rocks?

Interesting pattern on a tree in the same location. Just after taking this picture, I believe, something pretty big fell from the sky and onto at least the leafy canopy of the rhododendrons in front of me, about 20 feet away perhaps. I never figured out what dropped — at first I thought it might have been a snake which lost its hold in the upper part of a higher tree. But it was probably only a broken off branch. Still uncertain. But it was an odd moment when combined with what I was finding in the stream before me (mysterious rock clusters) at the same time.

Rhododendron branches hugging a tree — again this is on The Island.

Then a pic of the only named falls on the creek, on the upper side of The Island once more. This is Concrete Falls, so named because it appears the water falls in front of and on top of a piece of concrete (!), even though no other obviously manmade objects lie in any other part of Lower Concreek. And how much time would it take to make a several inch hole all the way through such concrete with such a small flow of water? Centuries? *Millennia*?

Details of Concrete Falls using a flash.

Is this some kind of naturally occurring concrete instead? Obviously I need to do more research on the whole subject of concrete and its formation, constituent ingredients, and durability.

Heading back to the car, I decided to put the orange field balloon spotted previously to some use in a set picture with a nearby, similarly orange-y colored drainage gully and its own interesting water flow.


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