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Concreek 01 June 6, 2012

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Before moving into new territory I now have decided to call Concreek, a shot from long neglected, poor little Norris: cross of rocks just across Turnpike Creek on the path running parallel to Norris along its entire length. Certainly not a Michael Too production (unlike the Dongoba temples) and most likely a student work. Is someone trying to purify the creek of a perceived baser element?

And now Concreek, a portmanteu word combining “concrete” and “creek”. We’ll get to the concrete part in a moment, but the creek is easy enough to define by itself. Basically it’s a stream about the same length of Norris, divided about cleanly in two by an old logging road that’s now part of an official Frank Park trail. This road creates an Upper Concreek and Lower Concreek region in effect. I’ve explored Upper Concreek once in the past, but not this summer — maybe soon. My focus has instead been Lower Concreek, which extends all the way from the trail to Green Stream, its parent flow. The mouth of Concreek lies less than a half mile downstream from where Whitehead Brook likewise flows into Green Stream at Whitehead Crossing. Whitehead Brook is also similar in length to Concreek, perhaps a bit shorter than both it and Norris.

In walking north on the Frank Park trail cutting across Concreek, I spotted this orange balloon bobbing up and down in a cow pasture. I wondered what it meant at the time.

The place where the Frank Park trail crosses Concreek, or the official start of Lower Concreek. Interesting how the pipe underneath the trail here has separated into 3 parts on this end. Is this, instead, extra pipe not used in the construction of the sluice?

In a dirt bank created by the base of a fallen tree, I decided to create an impromptu piece of art with my suddenly irreparable sunglasses which had just divided into two parts as I was carrying them in the front of my camera pouch. This would be near the center of an as yet unnamed, long island within Lower Concreek, splitting the small flow of the stream into two parts. We’ll just call it The Island for now.*

‘Nother shot from the same location.

Queer, reddish light illuminating the base of a rhododendron bush on The Island.

Small cascade on The Island’s upper side.

A somewhat larger and more impressive cascade just downstream. All of these falls on the stream, with the exception of one, still have no attached name.

This is an interesting picture of what might be the largest drop of water in Lower Concreek at least, coming in the midst of a more open space and pretty near its mouth at Green Stream. Still the drop is only several feet.

Fallen trees spanning Concreek here, which I sat upon and took in the nice surroundings on this fine, crisp June morning.

Snail found just below these fallen trees. I also saw another snail crawling upstream when heading back to the trail.


* I believe I’ve decided to call this central island of Lower Concreek Sunglass Island after my broken glasses used in this picture.

Concreek 02


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