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A cow… June 1, 2012

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… laid in a Toxic Meadow and made X mark the spot. Carcass-One was born (from Carcass-None).

“Eat more children” (decrease the population). It sounds horrible, but the true meaning was “decrease the population”. But since the population of Carcass-None was, well, none, then it made no sense to decrease the population at that point. The cow declared the town to be and realized he was citizen One, and therefore decided to kill itself to become Carcass-One and keep the population at None. That was One who became a Carcass, one and all.

The cow became toxic (after death) but was just a place where X marks the spot, or X spot. X like rubbing out, or making One into a Carcass.

The cow was 3 returned to the mother/father (1 and 2) to make Carcass-One. This is the ley lines of Sun and Moon (Sign and Sink) making an X on the ground, a sinking ground or a syncing or synching ground. The cow was The Triangle. The cow was a dog? Eat more dog?

The Triangle is The Soul (lost). But it falls downward, into the center of the X as the cow dies. The soul descends into the ground. Into the bowels. Bovine.

Later on, much later on, the X Spot becomes the embodiment of this original X-ing out in the Toxic Field Meadows of Henry L. Cow. For that was his name. X Spot can fly (move to different locations), like the giant UFO that took up Pietmond in its bowels and moved it to another (different) location. Are the two ships the same (X Spot and Pietmond’s Killer)? The Pietmond UFO divided the town in two, like X Spot lies in the two parts of town and makes them, in essence, equal to each other, East and West.

Henry L. Cow has an interesting history. It is a mashup of composer Henry Cowell (or Henry Cow L.) and rock band Henry Cow. Cowell died in 1965, Henry Cow formed in 1968.

Think also of: Cache Cow (from Cash Cow) in Gaeta V. Resonant with Cache River, Ill. stashing secrets like the bamboo grove behind Rock’s House.

USE: John’s story of COW and and from Fishing with John in sync (Carcass-7?).

Relate Henry L. Cow, founder of Carcass-One, with Salazar Jack’s Cowell village in sim of same name. Very SL historical! Another SL village of course as well.

The Triangle, like The Soul, cannot be lost, cannot be snuffed (out). The All Seeing Eye.

Final Elbow (just improvising).


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