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Mirrors May 31, 2012

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Hucka D.:

Everything was as it was. The liguinibeanie.


The what?

Hucka D.:



Hey. What’s up tonight?

Hucka D.:

Usual. Beanies. Linguini. But not linguinis.


I think Chilbo might be a goner, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Maybe not. They need a history[, though]. I told you that. I told you to write one. Not write one, I mean.


Yeah you told me to stay sort of noninvolved.

Hucka D.:

This is the beginning of virtual reality. People don’t understand the uniqueness of the situation. The world is dying. Second Life, Second World. Things go outward into the world again. Seeds. Here and there. But you have Carcass-One now. A new peak, a new height. Keep on climbing. Keep on seeking. Next will be the destruction of groundside. Next will be the creation of Carcass-None. Carcassonne.


What does that mean really?

Hucka D.:

The town is split already, East and West. One is One and one is None. Already. One from None. Easy to see, right?


Suppose. Something to do with Gallery Nine/None?

Hucka D.:

A new development. In None. Sky mirrors ground. You better read.




I know what to put in None now. Dark Side of Oz. Stegocat’s Definitive List.

Baker Bloch at dkart discovering a virtual Dark Side of the Rainbow, his first…

… subsequently recreated in the Gallery Nine/None structure (!)


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