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Around Maebaleia May 29, 2012

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Baker Bloch biking on the Old Wagon Road in central Maebaleia. More on the Satori network here (Satori is an alternate name for the Maebaleia continent) which mentions this unique two-sim dirt higway.

Southern terminus of same. Cute, hehe, but the billboards don’t give landmarks presently to the sims they tout.

Nice forest in Trementiza dominate by Linden vegetation and taking up almost a fourth of the sim. It’s called the Trementiza Forest Park and is owned by Jared Moorlord. At its center is a pond that’s home to several dragonflies and frogs. A nice place to relax, as Baker Bloch is finding out just now.

Closer to the site of Old Crabwoo in the northern part of the continent lies Felton’s Lagoon in Gwydion with this hollow between two grassy ridges containing mysterious objects. More may come of Felton’s Lagoon and accompanying parcel Felton’s Acre soon. Or not.

Then it’s on to the Tigerclaw’s Bluestocking Gallery near the southern tip of Maebaleia/Satori, the only “blue” gallery remaining that I can find of the several listed on my related map of the continent from Summer 2009 (Bluestocking, Blue Box, Blue Strawberry, Blue Feather). Is this another tail or tale (southern tip of continent) that wags the dog (continent itself)? Let’s follow the bread crumbs…

Bluestocking Gallery’s interesting blog.

A landmark within the gallery led me to the trollop art installation, but according to the LEA10 sim description this is an older piece returned while a new build takes place. More on the Linden Endowment for the Arts here in the official blog.

Shot from a bordering LEA sim.

Then while Baker was pondering the meaning of that interesting tangent to his mainland exploration focus, he decided to visit other galleries of lower Satori, including Gallery Lemonodo Oh in Dimitrios with its own colorful installation by Pol Jarvinen.

Groundside part of the gallery called the “library”, with pictures of the installation.

Yet another southern continent gallery, this one in Gariepy and named the Driftwood Gallery run by Moeuhane (“Moe”) Sandalwood. A highlight is Shivering Rock (brrrr!). No related web site that I could find for this one.


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