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Carcass-One Neighborhood 01 May 22, 2012

Filed under: Mãebaleia Continent,Rubisea (Carcass-One) — baker Blinker @ 6:02 am

This particular night’s journey starts in Carcass-One beside the Toxic Art Gallery.

Passing through The Tight…

… Baker emerges on the other side of the hill from his village…

… heading down to what I’m presently calling — for lack of a better term — Upper Grasmere, a lake just north of Rubisea and very similar in size and also distance from Rubisea to Lower Grasmere. They are in other words twin lakes perfectly framing the smaller Rubisea between them.

Old Satori School House just off Route 8 in Soulgiver. Very cool and clever creation.

End of Route 8 in the same sim.

A look back from Soulgiver toward Carcass-One. Baker wants to explore that small, green hump in the distance but decides to wait for another night.

Lower Grasmere from a perch in Oathkeeper just south of Soulgiver. Those creatures seeming to rise out of the water are Headcrab Zombies, and many more are just out of Baker Bloch’s sight range here, perhaps even close to a hundred as Baker is rechecking the location now. And what eerie sounds they are emitting! What is their purpose in this location? Are they protecting something?


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