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Sink Lair Floor 01 May 16, 2012

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So here we go. I’m going to employ Hucka D., if he’s awake today, to help me with the interpretation. Again, this is a still evolving exhibit, and what I’ve set up represents the groundwork and then additional research of 3 separate trips by Edna and me to the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area near Abingdon in the past month or so, *plus* some additional groundwork/research by another regular to the Synchronicity Phenomena Board who amazingly was able to stay in this same area for a couple of days last month as well. I’ll call this person Flynn here, and she’s been mentioned in the blog in a number of places already, such as this post from 2009. In Second Life, we’ve “lived” near each other several times now, the first being when I owned my original mainland parcels in Rubi (Flynn’s abode was just on the other side of the Great Rubi Forest), and then also in the Comet Archipelago, as mentioned here and here.

It was even rumored at one time, Hucka D., that Flynn was going to take you away from me. You would be *her* familiar instead of my own.

Hucka D.:

That’s when I was still mad at you because of the beach thing. I got over it. Took a year, though.


Thanks for that. Thanks for forgiving me. I was mean to Edna at the beach. That’s what you are talking about.

Hucka D.:

I gave you a scare, though!


Yes. I knew it was you for sure. So in helping me decipher the Synching Creek D.M.A., you’re also helping Flynn; she may even *move* to the general area later on, she says.

Hucka D.:

That would be nice. She is already there[ in a probable reality]. She’s setting things up from her future self. Present self will find. Present self will always find. Future self sets up, like bowling pins. Present self has the balls. The nerve. The guts to try to find them… knock them down I mean.


Great. So let’s just move into the pictures themselves. The first is of the Sign Line, one of two obvious ley lines marking or crossing the area, one could say.

Hucka D.:

They are ley lines. Sign Line and Sink Line.


We’ll get to Sink Line in a moment. So Sign Line is a line across the landscape of about 2.3 miles in length that seemed to line up the energy of Highway 11 in this area as best as possible — buildings aligned with it, roads in part. And the line runs right through Rock’s mailbox, as we’re calling it. I describe Sign Line in this earlier B.B. Blog post. The 3 basically continuous contiguous GoogleEarth pictures of this line from the blog post are recreated in the gallery. This is on the first floor, spanning the entire lower part of the wall opposite where you walk in to the Sink Lair.

In the middle of the Sign Line comes the intersection with the Sink Line that you’ve already mentioned Hucka D. Hucka? Anyway, there’s also The Triangle to deal with in this place, seemingly the most direct link between the two lines — joining or even gluing them together, perhaps. The Triangle is made up of Square Island, Rock’s Place, and Barker Cemetery, and we’ll get more into those pictures when moving up to Floor 2.

Sign Line in West End, S.C.D.M.A.

Sign Line in East End of same.

Above the 3 sections of the Sign Line map in the gallery come images from the parts they lie directly atop of. We have the fantastic and meaningful Hilo Burgers sign from the middle of the Sign Line, the Rainbow Autel sign from West End, and then the Moonlite Theatre sign from East End.

Also found on the same property as the Rainbow Autel sign (R.C. Storage) is this larger one from the old Robert E. Lee motel, restored to most of its former glory sans neon. The actual motel existed just west of here, and also on Highway 11 or the Lee Highway. An article about the sign and motel is found on Edna’s recently conceived Signs Signs Signs blog…

… as is a post about the Moonlite Theatre and its own distinct sign from East End. Also seen in the below photograph is a picture of Dixie Pottery’s sign, whose property lies next to Moonlite Theatre’s. Unlike the latter, however, Dixie Pottery has recently gone out of business. Despite the derelict nature of the Moonlite sign, the theatre is very much in business now we’ve entered warmer months. Flynn was even able to catch the opening film of the season while staying in Abingdon: hit 2012 movie The Hunger Games.

One of the things that struck me personally when first visiting the Moonlite Theatre sign with Edna in late March (and which we had serious doubts about being still open at the time) is the missing “E” of the name looking from the east, as astutely picked up by Edna in her Sign Signs Signs blog post on the subject. From the back, the letters are blue colored, and the “fallen E” can still be found inside the triangle shaped interior. *

I’ve also dealt with a similarly colored “E” in Second Life, which likewise has a front and a back side. This would be “Big E” created from a map of the 30 sims of the Korean Channel of Second Life, one per side of the Big E except for the spine and also a missing sim. I tell the Big E story in the B.B. Blog here, among other places.

Maybe not an extremely convincing parallel in and of itself, but take a look at the beginning of the *Sink* Line of the Designated Mystery Area, its other percieved ley line to complement Sign Line. I call the pool seeming to form the beginning of Sink Line here the Brainard Hole, and it’s where Sinking Creek (real name of my “Synching Creek”) seems to simply vanish into the ground after its approximately 3 mile long flow starting at a source north of the middle of Sign Line. Notice a nearby sandtrap appears to have a distinct “E” shape. Now notice that Brainard Hole itself seems to represent an only slightly less obvious *backwards* “E”, and is even “facing” the smaller forwards E created by the sandtrap. I’ve placed a small Second Life Big E next to the Brainard Hole picture from GoogleEarth here to further highlight the resonance within the exhibit.

To the left in the next picture coming from the Sink Lair gallery we have a Moonlite Theatre sign photograph by Edna (most of the photos in the exhibit are her work, not mine… just take it as hers unless otherwise indicated) showing the fallen “E” within the marquee’s top. Notice it is shown backwards as well here. In the center hangs a collage from my Art 10×10 that also seems to play a role here. This would be Oblong 11, where we have a forwards and backwards pictured gravestone (same gravestone, though: that of singer/songwriter Burl Ives from Hunt City, Illinois) that has a green box labelled “Oblong” passing between the two. Notice from the above photo that there’s also a green, box shaped tee between the E shaped sandtrap and the backwards E shaped Brainard Hole, perhaps “passing” through them as well as in a flow of an 18 hole game of golf. I should also mention here that the involved golf course is the very prestigious Olde Farm Golf Course, which I’ll discuss just below in more detail. The tee under discussion would be for the 16th hole.

Other boxes or square shaped objects are even more strongly highlighted along the Sink Line’s course as we head north, basically paralleling Sinking Creek along the way. The first comes precisely 0.99 miles up from the Brainard Hole, or what I’ve termed Square Rock in an otherwise basically empty field just east of Olde Farm Golf Course. We continue the story of Sinking Line beyond this point on Floor 2.

Continuing our tour of the Sink Lair’s Floor 1, we have some now direct images from Olde Farm in a front corner, including a shot of Sinking Creek flowing through the course and also a picture from a 2009 charity tournament held there featuring the Big 3, or, left to right, the ultra famous golfers Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player. Then to the right of this we have Tiger Woods throwing a club in a more recent tournament. The basic story here is that in 2009, it seemed inevitable that Tiger Woods would catch and surpass Jack Nicklaus in most majors won over a career. Now, only 3 years later, what once seemed a foregone conclusion is now cast as iffy at best and doubtful by many, given Woods personal and professional woes in the intervening years. Whatever happens in that category, I have more serious doubts that Tiger will ever become a member of the beloved Big 3, joining them as another equal and compatriot. And that, I think, is the greatest shame of all. Tiger’s image is forever stained.

The first of several animations in the Synching Creek D.M.A. exhibit comes here when the picture of the Big 3 is toggled with a manipulated (or collaged) picture from this blog, also from 2009 and showing Jack similarly framed by two golfers, with Tiger himself to his right, the heir apparent at the time. Times have seemingly changed. But the main point of the animation is to insert a pictorial proof linking Olde Farm Golf Course, and its Sink Line and Sinking Creek and Brainard Hole, with Sunklands, a dominant subject of the B.B. Blog. More on that soon.

Then to complete the Floor 1 tour we have several other images from the Synching Creek D.M.A near Olde Farm Golf Course in this corner, including a willow lined lane (Ayres Lane) just downhill from Sink Line’s Square Rock, and then above Tiger’s club throwing pic a dilapidated structure simply called Mystery Shack in this blog.

Sink Lair Floor 2!


* On the other side of the marquee there are more missing letters, and all that remain are “M–NLI–_-HEA-R-“. Which means the missing on this side are, conversely, “-OO—TE_T—T-E”, or 2 O’s, 3 T’s and 2 E’s.



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