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Carcass-One reconfigured May 16, 2012

Filed under: Rubisea (Carcass-One) — baker Blinker @ 5:30 am

Bought more really cheap land formerly bordering Carcass-One to the north and turned it into a small forest.
Had to give up some land on the west side but, overall, there was an increase in contiguous space, about 1024 square meters to be exact. The forest helps protect from any encroachment on Carcass-One’s longer, northern side. Most of the rest of the land bordering the village is owned by 3V Rentals, who have been in the area for what looks like over 5 years and thus represent about as safe a bet for a stable neighbor as you can probably get in Second Life.

My first pool of water on the property, in the middle of the new forest. Middle Pool?

Carcass-One from Rubisea.

Rubisea from Carcass-One.


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