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The Tight 03 May 15, 2012

Filed under: Rubisea (Carcass-One),Synching Creek (RL) — baker Blinker @ 8:41 am

I believe the Sink Lair, Phase 1 at least, is basically done. I see it as still an evolving gallery/art project, though, and will probably remain the heart of The Tight even while other galleries may also develop around it, plugging into it even, perhaps. Within, again, is the current pictorial associations I see happening in the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area of the Abingdon-Bristol, Virginia region. The closest match I can find with other Second Life exhibits I’ve created is to “Baker Bloch in England” (still found in the Quadtowers of TILE on the lower side of Carcass-One) and also the “Wall of Ass.” created for the Biggie Gallery of Aotearoa in late 2009. I’ll make a similar tour for the Sink Lair soon.

Now what to put in SoSo, Gallery 9/0, Something To CHRO About, and perhaps other potential gallery spaces in Carcass-One? Promises to be an exciting adventure. AND — still have over 600 prims for a skybox (!)

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