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The Tight 02: The revelation of Dark-Barker as Philip Linden May 14, 2012

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“Ideas Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Dark-Barker is Philip Linden. He is watching over the death of Second Life; as Jeogeot is dying so is his world. So is your [Second Lyfe] world. It is important you know this now. Carcass-One is a last gasp.


Thanks Hucka D. Very serious sounding indeed. I really like Carcass-One so far, and in ways it goes beyond Pietmond even. The Toxic Art Gallery seems like a way to (finally!) display the Art 10×10 in a practical manner, in-worldly speaking. And the twisty turny tale of The Tight will be fun to evolve — kind of a continuation and improvement of the central area of 7 Stones/Boris don’t you think?

Hucka D.:

The Tight is where it will all happen. Death of Second Life. Last gasp.


What of the two tombstones from the 2 Barker Cemeteries that might overlap to create a new…

Hucka D. (interrupting):

Last. Gasp.

Mr. Missing Bean


One Response to “The Tight 02: The revelation of Dark-Barker as Philip Linden”

  1. […] Above the central Barker Cemetery picture of this Floor 2 triptych comes a photo from another Washington County, Virginia Barker Cemetery, the largest of the three such named cemeteries in the county containing 157 interments according to the handy (and huge!) Find A Grave database (Barker Cemetery in the Mystery Area is the smallest). This cemetery is noted so far for several things, the first discovered being what looks like a person standing in the corner of the cemetery in GoogleEarth Streetview when none is there (not seen from other angles). I first bring this oddity up in this blog post last month and then expound upon it in some detail in this post. […]

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