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The Tight 01 May 14, 2012

Filed under: Rubisea (Carcass-One),Synching Creek (RL) — baker Blinker @ 8:29 am

Into The Tight from the direction of the Toxic Art Gallery and The Mall. To Baker’s right is Town Hall. To his left is the Coolie Building.

Walking up the stairs brings him to a portal into the center of The Tight, the heart of its beating mysteries.

Some say The Tight is limited to this collection of 4 structures surrounding and almost completely hemming in a small, green area (Small Mall? Tight Mall?). This would be what I’m presently calling Home Orange (bottom), Yippie TILE 1 On (left), Gallery 9/0 (top) and SoSo (right). Others have discussed including the Town Hall, Coolie Building, Something To CHRO About, and even Castle E (Henry L. Cow estate?) in this designated region. More on the debate as it unfurls.

Billboard in The Tight, another Arcadia Asylum creation…

… as is this centrally placed slummy payphone w/ matching, slummy telephone books.

Baker Bloch rounds the corner to head up to Gallery 9/0 for an additional pic or two. Gallery 9/0 is still basically empty, but my idea right now is to set up a detailed analysis of 09 collages of the Art 10×10, sort of like I had in Healy in this particular exhibit from June-July 2009.

Looking back down into the meat of The Tight from the top of the stairs at one corner of 9/0.

Inside Yippie TILE 1 On now and a shot from the still evolving Synching Creek D.M.A. exhibit.

Another shot from upstairs — interesting juxtaposition of the similarly sized Baker Bloch and baker b. here, the latter attempting to enter the thick bamboo behind Rock’s House near the heart of the Mystery Area. Philip Linden looks on.


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