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Carcass One 01 May 12, 2012

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Name of burgeoning village changed from Carcassonne to similar Carcass One (or Carrcass One), but may be pronounced the same. Core of old part of the village called The Tight for now may start from one direction at the newly designated Something To CHRO About structure. More on the latter as it develops.

Baker at the top of the stairs entering The Tight. To his immediate left is the interesting Burl Tower offering nice views of Carrcass One and the surrounding region from its top.*

Following the spiral path down to the bottom brings you to what is presently the town’s only known cemetery: Burl or Beryl Cemetery? Let’s go see it with Baker Bloch.

But first the view from the top.

The path skirts past Gallery Nine/None on its way up, still empty as of this writing but certainly part of The Tight area, as is the Burl Tower itself.

At the top, with the newly deemed Toxic Art Gallery straight ahead (details soon) along with the Quadtowers of TILE beside it. To Baker’s left is the Coolie Building also appearing in Pietmond, Boris and 7 Stones. To his right is the roof of Gallery Nine/None. Below him we can also see parts of the roof of SoSo, Yippie TILE 1 On, and Home Orange, all constituents of The Tight as well along with the Coolie structure and Gallery 9/0.

Extending the sight range to 192 meters allows Baker to view his old Blue Feather Gallery rental house, or at least the 2 story house that replaced the formerly 1 story affair at this same location (left building in the background). And you can even see the upper part of Rubisea Falls tumbling down into Rubisea itself. That’s another attraction to this area: I’ve already built up a history here of sorts. We are in the center of Maebaleia’s attractive Lake District. I’ll start re-exploring the whole area soon, I’m sure. Not far from the old site of Crabwoo either.

Then the cemetery at the bottom.

The Burl Tower.


* The Burl Tower was also set up in 2010 Teepot and 2008 Rubi (extended version). The name Burl is also connected to cemeteries through the Oblong series and St. Burl of Ives, buried in the Hunt City Cemetery pictured in duplicate in Oblong 11. See also: Wheeler 09.


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  1. […] In east New Pietmond comes a sort of park surrounded by a square shaped sidewalk. Directly ahead of us here (and at one corner of the park) stands the Burl Tower built around a large tree, allowing avatars access to the top of the X Spot Gallery if they wish for further exploration. This Burl Tower was also present in Carcass-1 of Maebaelia. […]

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