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Carcassonne (It Looks Like) May 10, 2012

Filed under: Mãebaleia Continent,Rubisea (Carcass-One) — baker Blinker @ 5:27 pm

Very preliminary map of the new village, not quite as big as Pietmond, true, but bigger than either Boris or 7 Stones (Pietmond’s more recent 2 “replacement” village).

Preliminary names now:

Differences from Pietmond (and also Boris/7 Stones):

No Temple of TILE — this remains in Siliconicus and Yeot both so I saw no need to waster prims here for a 3rd version.

Quadtowers of TILE (or Towers of TILE) — carried over directly from Pietmond and also 7 Stones and Boris. A relatively constant structure in all my villages for about a year and a half now. Still contains the “Baker Bloch in England” exhibit it’s always had since basically the beginning, but now I’m attempting to supplement this photolog with a “Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area” exhibit, which may or may not be housed in the same building (lower floors, presently absent).

No Syncher’s Row in Carcassonne unlike Pietmond, except for SoSo Gallery still containing my Oblong series of 20 collages. Gone from this row, however, are both Stegocat’s Gallery in the Rocks and M. Casey’s SoSo West Gallery, although the latter still exists in Old Teepot, one could put it. There’s also no equivalent to Norum Gallery (Sadler art), or Cherry And/Or Berry (Rougeau art). Basically all guest art outside the wife’s (Edna Million) has been erased in the transition from Pietmond to Carcassonne — so far.

Carcassonne Gallery of Fun Art — same structure, kind of, as the old Pietmond South Gallery with 4 floors of art (Rougeau, Casey, Sadler, Ernst, and some others at various times). This art may return here?

Come to think of it, maybe I’ll return Stegocat’s art to the Gallery in the Rocks.

There’s a Blue Feather Gallery on the map in Carcassonne, but I’m not sure if the “Jeogeot through Art and Word” exhibit will come back. I also had trouble setting this exhibit up in the last phase of Pietmond.

Castle of the Big E is a new addition beyond Pietmond, and the Big E is now beside it… maybe a a story of tiny college based on the study of the Big E?

Yippie TILE 1 On — returns, with a TILE theme, but as a yet unfinished.

Home Orange — a personal office for Baker Bloch, with views on either side… very nice.

Lounging Baker Bloch on the edge of Carcassonne’s Big Mall


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