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“Fade To Moss” Production Shots May 5, 2012

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Famed actor T-Bonz is the obvious choice to play Rock Meadows, perhaps the first human toy avatar, period, or at least it says so in the script. Here we see a production shot of the in-character T-Bonz looking over a grassy ridge next to his home away from home, a 2nd Rock’s House (not pictured but just to the right here).

Rock displays his amazing leaping ability by jumping about 3 feet straight up in the air to latch onto this dangling limb. An array of improbable, nay impossible superpowers such as this are a new twist added to the movie on top of standard Rock legend stuff.

Rock at the site of his own grave, which is not his grave in the movie, strangely enough (Gene Fade decision), but instead a monument to an unknown toy human avatar that supposedly came before Rock, perhaps even his father. It is one of Rock’s missions in “Fade to Moss” (still a working title for the film) to prove that this is wrong, and that *he* is the first toy human avatar. Instead his father would be the actual human named Sinclair from the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area or the approximation thereof in the film. Fade would be the first to admit that the script is still being tinkered with quite a bit. A moving target as he describes it.

Photo shoot from the all important Rock-battles-the-insects Arena scenes, which occur in several places throughout the script. Below would be from an earlier scene in the film, where Rock successfully defeats a single praying mantis…

… but later on as his arrogance grows alongside his legend, Rock begins to challenge not one but several insects at once in duels to the death. His ultimate mistake came from importing Texan scorpions to up the ante.

The death scene. No mercy here from the bugs, as the scorpion alone injects enough toxin into Rock to kill 10 such “normal” avatars. But still it takes all 3 to do him in, and 3 days and 3 nights of fighting at that. Needless to say, the actual death struggle will be severely edited in the finished film.

Insects gathered around Rock’s corpse to gloat over their long awaited victory.

Afterwards actor T-Bonz gives the insects — most recruited from the neighboring woods and fields — some tips on how to gloat and fight and act in general. All are eager learners.

Another scene from the movie where Rock finds what might be the remains of a slipper belonging to his master Sinclair from pre-toy days.

We also have production pictures of T-Bonz visiting the actual Rock spacecraft that crash landed next to Green Stream just outside of Whitehead Crossing proper. T-Bonz suggests it get a fresh coat of paint, with Gene Fade saying he’ll have to check the budget.

An “actual” creep crawler found by the author this same day.

Another interesting phenomenon near the crashed ship: what almost appears to be a green fur lined tree. Odd effect.


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