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To Whitehead Xing 02 April 30, 2012

Filed under: Herman/Frank Parks (rl parks),Whitehead Crossing — baker Blinker @ 3:01 am

The beginnings of another toy happening event, this time in Whitehead Crossing, Frank Park. 5 bottles make a circle next to a dead hemlock tree in what might be the most cleared, immediate area of the largely forested Whitehead Crossing region. That’s the attraction to this particular spot: fewer plants will be damaged in any such event. More to report soon; this might be just a start. My intuition is telling me that a bigger project than Billfork could be unfolding here.

Remains of a blue balloon in the area first mentioned in this November post and then elaborated upon here.

According to Hucka D., the pictures below to complete this particular post all come from what has to be the original Whitehead Crossing, a peninsula area formed between Whitehead Creek and an as yet unnamed tributary. This would be upstream a bit from the core of the pine forest pictured above, and nearer Rock’s Meadow.

The first photograph depicts an interesting double tree on the peninsula, with framing ferns.

Mossy log near the perceived heart of the original community. A path (i.e., road) runs along the left side of the moss looking from this direction. A depression known as Big Sink lies just below the frame of the picture here, next to the upper end of the log. A smaller depression currently known as Less Sink or maybe Small Sink is situated near the center of this photo, but difficult to detect. I’ll go over all of this again asap. But the mossy log seems crucial: Moss Log or maybe Moss Boss.

Elaborate crisscrossing of logs at the tip of the Whitehead Crossing peninsula, and where Whitehead Creek has perhaps its most significant drop along its relatively short length.

Interesting root formation just downstream.


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