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Thoughts… April 25, 2012

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Will probably retrieve the toys at Money Hill tomorrow to bring them to my house, specifically my basement study.

Opus 19 is a microcosm of the Marble Race (3 stages) at Billfork running alongside Billy Spring. The toys can choose to be part of this microcosm or move to the real deal. Most have chosen the microcosm, led by the newly acquired Earth Wonder buildings [see below]. Railroad must be acquired from Money Hill along norris. When will the true marble race be set up again? Will it now be in Whitehead Crossing instead of Dongoba (or Money Hill/Houston)?

Space Ghost on Opus 19. Several versions of Oz characters, army men fill in the gaps. Good ol’ army men.



Today the toys have been retrieved from the Money Hill alongside norris. Gene Fade has ordered all toys to return to The House for reevaluation through the newly established Toy Room (i.e., my study in the basement). I am the new Sinclair, he states. Not sure what that means but I know where he gets it. Gene Fade has almost decided to make Whitehead Crossing the home away from home for toy avatars, and to, um, [instead] entrap the energy of Billfork [and its Race] within Opus 19 for the spring and summer months to come. Preliminary pictures below… the narrow gauge rr will be added tomorrow and I’ll try to remember to take fresh photos afterwards.

Appropriate, I suppose, that Dorothy’s freshly crashed house lies at the beginning of the golden spiral centering the project. Or is that the end of the spiral? Whatever, it seems to be the place to put it, especially considering the relative heaviness of the object involved. Dorothy crash landing at the end of the golden spiral instead of the beginning… interesting.

A blue Empire State Building. Earth Wonders (buildings) have led the way toward normalization of the spiral’s energy. Earth Wonders include the Empire State Building, Egyptian pyramids, French landmarks Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben from London, Leaning Tower of Pisa representing Italy (you can see that to the left here), India’s Taj Mahal, and also the Statue of Liberty. Certainly fine products for the price, which cost me a mere 5 dollars in toto at the local Michaels, factoring in Edna’s 40% discount coupon.

2 rungs of the spiral. Notice Space Ghost flying just above the lower of the 2 here. The yellow submarine below him, like Oz’s similarly colored Yellow Brick Road, also seems to echo the color of the golden spiral.

Gene Fade has assigned exploring buddy Red Skeleton to be the acting manager of Operation 19, as he has come to call it.

A heavy Oz vibe continues as we move up and around the central spiral. The narrow gauge rr will be placed just behind the dancing Lion, Scarecrow, Tinman and Dorothy here, for example. The wandering cow perhaps wonders where the golden spiral ends and the golden brick road begins.

Operation 19 or Opus 19 as it is better known in this blog, appears in the following Art 10×10 collages:


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