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Abingdon is as Abingdon does April 25, 2012

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This is quite odd. The only other GoogleEarth based alignments of the Synching Creek D.M.A. sort I’ve concocted so far come primarily from Wiltshire County England, and are illustrated in this March 2009 BB Blog post. Both sets of alignments are located southwest of an Abingdon, the Virginia version for the second and newest and the most prominent English version for the first, renamed Abingdon-on-Thames just this year. In addition, Abingdon-on-Thames is the seat of the Vale of the White Horse district of Oxfordshire also containing the Uffington White Horse, and which it was named after. The Uffington White Horse can be viewed as a sort of “starting point” for the 2009 Wiltshire White Horse alignments.

The two GoogleEarth images below illustrate the relationship, with the respective Abingdons both featured in the upper right corners. Also notice the similar slope of the central lines of each set of terrestrial alignments, both of which seem to sort of point to Abingdon in the distance.*

“The Triangle [in the midst of the Synching Creek D.M.A.] seems to be an advancement of sorts over the Wiltshire White Horse alignments, despite the obvious advantages of the latter in terms of just sheer oddness.”

Hucka D.:

The Triangle’s meaning will become clearer soon. Dark-Barker.


Dark-Barker is Synchpatch, USA, built upon the old Dogpatch Theme Park. My original vision of virtual reality described on the Synchronicity Phenomena Board and other places. It’s a square little fellow buried in that [Barker] Cemetery. Let’s see if I can pull up an appropriate quote…,_Texas_UFO_incident

Hucka D.:

You can’t go there[ yet]. Donnie Darko — Dark-Barker. Bozo. Sirius. Dogon.


The Triangle is The Key.


* Abingdon, Virginia may have been named for Abingdon-on-Thames, England, per the wikipedia article about the former. In it, Abingdon-on-Thames is described as the ancestral home of Martha Washington.


Another early story which most every wide-eyed hopeful ufologist has read concerns the little Texas town of Aurora and the strange permanent inhabitant of the local cemetery, said to be the victim of a crashed airship. The Firesign Theatre wove this event into the storyline of their 1974 album Everything You Know Is Wrong. “Not from around here, but a real square little fellow” read the epitaph on the alien’s gravestone. The actual events surrounding the story are much stranger than even these formidable talents could make them.


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