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Sink Line April 24, 2012

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Brainard Hole (0.00 miles)

Heading: 16.47 degrees

Square Rock (0.99 miles). This rock is also positioned above where Sinking Creek makes a final bend before the relative straightaway to Brainard Hole to end.

Square Island (1.99 miles). Suspiciously similar to the size and shape of the 16th tee directly above Brainard Hole. This is also where Sink Line intersects The Triangle (more soon on that), and comes close to the distinct Hi-Lo Burgers sign. Square Island is in the middle of the only other notable Sinking Creek pool besides Brainard Hole.

Crosses Sign Line (2.22 miles; not shown)

Alignment with building edge (3.56 – 3.59 miles)

“Round 2” (4.01 miles), curiously shaped and colored like the central dark spot of Brainard Hole. Just like Ohio, Sink Line might be described as round on the ends and “hi” (Hi-Lo Burgers) in the middle.

Edna’s newest post to her fabulous Sign Sign Sign blog! It’s all coming together.


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