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Sign Line April 24, 2012

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Sign Line in 3 parts.

Heading: 52.28 degrees

The line starts at the site of the old Robert E. Lee Motel in West End, Synching Creek D.M.A., shortly passing north of R.C. Storage (current home to the restored REL motel sign). The line then encounters Route 11 at about the 1/3 mile marker, directly paralleling it for another 1/3 miles. It then runs south of Route 11 for a little over another third of a mile before crossing Route 11 again…

… right at the location of Rock’s battered mailbox in front of his (or her) house. This mailbox would come precisely at the 1 mile marker of Sign Line heading west to east, or basically 1/2 the distance between Brainard Hole and Square Island on the accompanying Sink Line (1.99 miles), and 1/4th the length of the perceived Sink Line as a whole (Brainard Hole to Round 2) centered by this island.

Sign Line then stays north of Route 11 for the rest of its 2.3 mile total run, passing just above Hi-Lo Burgers…

… and the now abandoned Dixie Pottery before ending at the projection building for Moonlite Theatre in East End, Synching Creek D.M.A.

Sign Line in relationship to Sink Line (Brainard Hole to Square Rock to Square Island to Round 2).


2 Responses to “Sign Line”

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  2. […] We’ll get to Sink Line in a moment. So Sign Line is a line across the landscape of about 2.3 miles in length that seemed to line up the energy of Highway 11 in this area as best as possible — buildings aligned with it, roads in part. And it runs right through Rock’s mailbox, as we’re calling it. I describe Sign Line in this earlier B.B. Blog post. […]

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