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Whitehead Crossing Again April 23, 2012

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Remnants of Rock’s Camp at Whitehead Crossing, where Rock, the first human toy avatar according to The Billbook, created his village of slave insects.

The Arena, where Rock, as legend has it, fought and killed a number of even larger insects such as dung beetles and praying mantises.

Rock’s meadow, with perhaps his final resting place in the foreground (Arena in background). Rock could have been named for the rocks atop his grave, if so: Rock’s Grave/Grave Rocks. His real name may have instead been Herman. But who wants to be remembered as Herman when they can be Rock instead??

Rocks’ Stone or Ledge, where he often sat and remorsed over the cruelty of his actions. Then he got over it and returned to his meadow for more killings and beatings.

Rock was a known drinker. Well known.

Path from Rock’s landing spot into Whitehead Crossing proper.

Rock ran into at least 3 of the trees pictured here when crash landing in the Whitehead Crossing area. Isn’t it obvious?

Rock hated flowers, and dug them up in some number around the area. Here we have a spared kingspear plant (yellow) and some corn speedwell (blue), I believe.

Rock’s original dwelling spot on Rock’s Beach beside Rock’s Creek, now Green Stream. It is here that Rock first began to hear the stream’s twisted and cruel tale. Rock subsequently created a twisty-turny tale for himself.

Rock may have landed near Whitehead Crossing in this ship, associated with the S.C.D.M.A. Rock House mailbox according to Hucka D. Rock may have been part dog (going along with getting a tale). A God Dog perhaps but most likely not a good dog. The tale wagged the dog.

Rock understood well the mysteries of the Green Stream as uttered by the wretched Mouth Tree.

Rock is dead. Long live flowers and insects!


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