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Brainard Hole, The April 15, 2012

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A pool of water about half the size of Square Island Pond where Synching Creek (Real Life name: Sinking Creek) seems to simply disappear into at the southwest edge of the prestigious Olde Farm Golf Course.

Zooming in. Notice that the pool, which I call the Brainard Hole per Hucka D.’s suggestion in a recent post, is roughly shaped like a backwards capital “E”. Then notice that a nearby sandtrap, “pointed” directly at it, seems to reflect this shape backwards, making a roughly regular capital “E”. Too queer of a juxtaposition, given all else that seems connected to it, outlined a bit below…

… like this missing “E” from the east side of the Moonlite Theatre sign, as also picked up by Edna in her excellent Signs Sign Sign blog post “the moonlight th_atre is opening soon.”… 🙂

(west side now)

… and the fact that a giant capital “E”, in both forwards and backwards facing directions, plays such a large role in Jeogeot mysticism, as discussed in posts such as “Biggie Island” from this January.

Big E in Pietmond. Notice especially the similarity in shape of Big E from this angle with the Brainard Hole from the first photos of the current blog entry. Is the Brainard Hole a dimensional doorway, perhaps to Second Life or to a “second life”, as in a death state??


“So the idea is that the Brainard Hole is mirrored in not one but several, perhaps even many Synching Creek D.M.A. objects, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Let’s count.


Let’s do. Well, there’s the Moonlite Theatre sign, obviously, with its missing “E”. Before additionally associating it with the Brainard Hole I already connected this to the Big E formed by Korean Channel sims in Second Life. That’s at East End, Synching Creek D.M.A. There’s an East End and a West End to the mystery area, then.

Hucka D.:

There’s a forward “E” and a backward “E”.


Right. Because Big E can be turned around to form the Big Schwa. And that’s linked to Eschwa Park in Chilbo and its own reversible “e”, little one this time.

Hucka D.:

What passes between them?


The Oblong Box or box filled with Oblong letters I believe. Perhaps this represents a golf course because it is a green box. Green like Ireland.

Hucka D.:

[More specifically] it is a golf tee. Directing your attention back to the Sunklands Golf Course in the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area.


Hucka D.:

Are you ready to tee it up yet?


Not sure, Hucka D. The letters in the Oblong Box: sign letters?

Hucka D.:

Yes (!)


Continuing our SCDMA object review, we have the missing Barker Cemetery sign that eventually points to the largest of 3 such cemeteries in Washington County, where — ultra-mysterious again — Philip Lime, er Linden shows up. He is gazing over the cemetery from a respective corner, just like the Philip Linden avatar doll is checking out the Korean Channel centered Jeogeot continent in my old Blue Feather Gallery, Hucka D., and on top of the lower prong of the Big E ta boot, making up the core of that gallery.



What else? Robert E. Lee is obviously Brainard in this blog entry picture, Hucka D. Motoring around again as I put it.

Hucka D.:

Brainard has been reborn; restored. Looking for his Hole again. Not a hole in the wall though but a hole in the ground like a well. Well, well, well.


Good title for a post, eh? (smiles)

Hucka D.: (smiles)


You have saved me. I am motoring again. I fight Amoco. I will outfox them like a Silver Fox. They will not win and the great state of Virginia shall be saved. I will *not* drop down a hole. I am the Silver Fox.


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