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“The woods… April 13, 2012

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… are closing up early this year, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

Welcome to summer in April!


Billfork, I believe, may be within reach all summer, but I tried the same with Jonesborough several years back and the heat and gnats got the best of me. Likely will this year too. So from June-mid Sept. I’m cut off. Probably May-mid Sept. this year[, with the early heat].

Hucka D.:

And you don’t have Second Life to retreat back to, poor little thing.


We’re going to have to start talking about Charles Nelson Blinkerton again.

Hucka D.:

Hi-Lo Burgers opened in 1956 perhaps; the daughter took over from the mother in ’86. Another daughter is in line now. What to choose? 2016.


*Is* C.N. Blinkerton creating the Synching Creek D.M.A. from beyond the grave. But I also have to keep in mind, of course, that *you’re* C.N. Blinkerton, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

I am. In part.


What next?

Hucka D.:

Sign manipulation. Heater presents, once more.


Thank you.


So I thought I’d continue without Hucka D. in talking further about the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area. There’s a West End and an East End, only about 2 miles apart. In the center between the two lies the heart, the Square Island and accompanying pond, and perhaps Rock’s Place and also Mystery Shack. And then to the south we have Olde Farm G.C., which the Big 3 visited in 2010. Nicklaus may not be caught by Tiger now in terms of who wins the most majors, a seeming impossibility as late as 2009 or 2010. For sure it looked like Woods — *Woods* — would surpass Jack, and quite soon. Perhaps some people said he would do it as early as the date I’m writing this post. But now there’s a lot of doubt about that. Woods is 36, and although that’s not really, really old in terms of golf careers, there’s so many good players out there now that it may not be possible. So I think that factors into it — the whole, “Who’s the best golfer of all time?”; “Who will take center stage?” Jack, Arnie, and Gary Player remain the Big 3 for now; Will Tiger join them eventually as a member of the Eternally Beloved? Personally I don’t see it happening. Woods might just have closed up early.

Tiger Woods throws a club.


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