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Looks who’s been… April 12, 2012

Filed under: Synching Creek (RL) — baker Blinker @ 5:12 pm

… to the Olde Farm Golf Course:

The Big 3!!!

and, well, former President Bush. No big deal there!

Just kidd’n. I guess it’s a fairly big deal.

This reinforces my theory that Sunklands, Second Life stye, has made a direct link with Sunklands Real Life, aka Olde Farm and probably Synching Creek as a whole (Synching Creek runs through the middle of Olde Farm GC in case you’ve forgotten, and also seems to disappear into a hole in the ground there as well). Compare the first photo above with this picture from a 2009 Sunklands related BB Blog post.

Golden Bear Nicklaus, perhaps without a nick of clothing on below the collar line this time, is front and center again. And the role of Nicklaus and others in the attached Wall of Ass. is unfurled here in excruciating detail. 🙂


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