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Working April 11, 2012

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Another Square Island with a single tree, this example coming from Minecraft.

There are 3 Barker Cemeteries in Washington County. The one in Wyndale could not be reached by the wife and I during our attempt over Easter break, although a perceived, removed sign was spotted at the beginning of the driveway that probably still leads to the cemetery.

According to the Find a Grave site, this particular Barker Cemetery contains 6 graves.The same site provides some details about the other 2 Barker Cemeteries in Washington County, the largest by far located about 7 miles northwest of Bristol between the Phillip and Lime Hill communities, with 157 interments counted.


2 Responses to “Working”

  1. […] More Edna photos coming from the middle of SCDMA, or along Synching Creek itself. I talk more about the missing cemetery sign here. […]

  2. […] our SCDMA object review, we have the missing Barker Cemetery sign that eventually points to the largest of 3 such cemeteries in Washington County, where — […]

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