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Brief Chat… April 10, 2012

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Funtastical new development in Synching Creek, Virginia. I can give the actual location!

Hucka D.:

Synching Creek wanted attention. Synching Creek needed to be known. Void between Bristol and Abingdon. That’s where you live now.


Where does the creek go?

Hucka D.:

Underground. Center of Earth. That’s why the Sunklands golfers keep it a secret.


You mean the Olde Farm golfers.

Hucka D.:

There are 2 golf courses, one mundane and one special. This is TILE. Sunklands is [the] special[ one].


Masters just over now, Hucka D. Lots of people thinking about golf[ now].

Hucka D.:

Pot at end of. Golf… gold.


The joke is that the biggest hole on the course is not the 18th but the creek itself. It disappears.

Hucka D.:

Pull up a map and let’s look.


The red pin marks the source of Synching Creek, Hucka D., but as you [and the reader/viewer] can tell there’s no apparent outlet for the creek according to the map. It seems to just disappear, almost into the center of the flow instead of the end. That’s the illusion[ produced].

Hucka D.:

A good one. The Sunklands golfers had secrets. Have secrets. They know something.


Quotes like this one from this post

Brainard was assoc. with both a marble and a golf ball. Somehow he created the hole in the center of Big Sink and used it to escape from his Second Lyfe. 9th hole, or 18th (he dropped down it).

makes me think that you are right and that Sunklands is Olde Farm.

Hucka D. (repeating):

Mundane and Special. You have found the Brainard hole. Good work!


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  1. […] Farm and probably Synching Creek as a whole (Synching Creek runs through the middle of Olde Farm GC in case you’ve forgotten, and also seems to disappear into a hole in the ground there as well). Compare the first photo […]

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