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Synching Creek VA 02 April 9, 2012

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West end of the Synching Creek Designated Mystery Area (SCDMA), which I’ll simply dub West End for this blog. *Lots* of signs to deal with here, but chief among them is the old Rebel chief himself, Robert E. Lee. Wife Edna Million has recently created a blog named “Signs Signs Signs”, with the first entry about this subject. Check it out!

Sinclair signage dominates the lower part of the fenced in compound also containing the old Robert E. Lee Motel sign.

Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Is the pot of gold West End itself? Does the gold represent the protected signs on the property? Here’s an interesting article about the restoration of this particular object.

In my book, a grove of bamboo is always a good indicator of mystery forces at work.

General Lee up and motoring again.


More photos coming from the middle of SCDMA, or along Synching Creek itself. These are all borrowed from Edna’s flickr site.

The great photo below depicts the Mystery Shack, as I’ll call it for now. More on the story behind the shack may surface soon (or not).

A beautiful tree lined avenue running parallel to Synching Creek a bit downstream from Mystery Shack.

Highway 666, aka Mock Knob Road, is only a pitchfork’s throw away from Synching Creek, adding its energy to the overall synciness in my estimation. Another sign related bit of news: the 666 signs at either end of the approx. 2 mile long highway have either been removed or else never existed in the first place, making the pictured one below (at the junction of 666 and 654) the only tangible indication of the route’s number as you’re driving along it.

Moving again toward the center of the SCDMV, and keeping with this post’s main subject, we have Edna’s picture of a missing Barker Cemetery sign only a few blocks west of the Square Island Pond. I talk a bit more about this here.


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