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Synching Creek, VA 01 April 9, 2012

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A new mythology begins: Synching Creek, VA. The heart of the mythology seems to be a square shaped island in a private pond almost halfway between Bristol, VA and Abingdon, VA. *Yes*, I have been given clearance to give out the real names of places this time! So exciting.

Our first, true exploratory trip into the region brings Edna and I to a house across Hall’s Bottom Road from Square Island Pond, where I thought sausage was for sale. I was wrong — the actual Rock’s Produce and Deli advertised on the highway sign in front of the house lies up Hall’s Bottom Road a couple of miles, which I found very confusing since there’s no indication of such here. We just happened to run across the actual store by accident, poking more around the region as it were. But signage curiosities and mysteries is a repeating motif of the Synching Creek area, so much so that the rather grossly misleading Rock’s P&D sign in front of a vacant house is par for the course, so to speak.

But it’s not just any old vacant house, to add to the mystery, because directly behind it — almost intruding upon it — is a bamboo grove of some density, highlighted in the first picture of this post. From the Baker Blinker Blog post coming before this, we know that the grove has grown considerably between 2006 and 2010.

Sign directly across the road from the Rock’s P&D one. Notice the tiny house in the background. Munchkins in the area? Singingwood is a rather odd name as well.

Another picture of Square Island in the midst of Square Island Pond. Here’s a neat trick. Pull up the full version of the below photo along with the picture from the former post where the island is seen “square on”. Toggle back and forth between the photos: an animation is implied in my guesstimation where the island becomes not square but octagonal, or more correctly an octagonal star. More on that soon I’m sure; again the island seems to represent the heart of the area’s mystery, or a symbol of such. A beating heart?

Mysterious wind blowing across the pond.

Difficult to get a good picture of the pond’s bottom, which seems ultra-mysterious even. I told Edna later on that portions of it remind me of outer space photos, like this one taken through the Hubble Telescope concerning nebula. I also compared it to the “Solaris Pond” from the 1972 Russian film of the same name.

The aforementioned bamboo grove from the general direction of Square Island Pond.

The vacant house in front of it…

No sausage money needed today for certain.


2 Responses to “Synching Creek, VA 01”

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