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Upper TILE Creek Again, 04 April 7, 2012

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Intriguing style of rock found in some profusion along a certain portion of the upper TILE Creek area. I briefly thought of relocating some of these to the Billfork area, but now am more unsure about that possible decision.

Another interesting rock, but of a diff. type.

Same style now as the first pictured above. All are what appears to be veined quartz set in a darker type of rock which I don’t know the identity of yet.

While walking around the area this day, rounded a tree to come directly face-to-face with this sight, which startled me at first — another optical illusion for sure, and obviously, in my mind, akin to the similarly uprooted “Tilie Tree” found several days earlier. For now I’m calling the new find Tippy, perhaps not a monster as much as just an unknown phenomenon this time. Tippy Tree.

Tippy Tree Rock found at the opposite end of the fallen tree.

This rock cryptically has two, small white rocks set on top of it, obviously imported from a foreign location. Human hands relocated the two, white rocks here from another place sometime in the past? But for what purpose, and why do these rocks in conjunction with Tippy Tree seem to point to a specific meaning, which I’ll get to in a minute?

Tippy Tree also appears to have some cryptic messages carved on its trunk, which I took more seriously at first. Not as much now…

What I have determined in the meantime is that Tippy Tree represent a limit of synchiness for the Upper TILE Creek area as a whole, a clear sign. No messages shall be receieved from the fallen timber except those related to dead ends. My conclusion for now.


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