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Upper TILE Creek Again, 03 April 7, 2012

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Picture of what I’m now calling Microcosmia, another name subject to quick change. Legend will perhaps have it that certain toy avatars came from this upper TILE Creek area microcosm, perhaps of a Simpsons variety again. Homer included this time?

I believe a related 10×10 collage might be Oblong 17, “Little Big Hand”.

Young ferns uncoiling their leaves nearby.

Microcosmia from the opposite direction (east).

Perhaps mysterious bare ground area in the midst of a grassy region just uphill from Microcosmia and just east of Block Rocks.

More baby ferns next to a spring separating the grassy area mentioned above from the more open woods. Block Rocks would lie just beyond the top of the picture.

A look toward Hand Spring from the same general area.

Interesting tree shapes.

I have a hard time not calling this TILE Creek, since I’ve used that tag so long for the stream flowing from Hand Spring below Yards Mountain. But I suppose I’ll have to get use to calling it something else since it’s obviously not TILE Creek. Not any more at least. I’m leaning toward Yards Creek after the mountain, and a resulting, perhaps permanent disentanglement of the TILE and Yards stream designations.

More upper TILE Creek curiosities.

I admittedly am not sure what plant this is. A species of plantain?

Woodland violets.


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