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Upper TILE Creek Again, 02 April 7, 2012

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This same day I revisited Block Rocks and attempted to grasp more their relative layout, with some success. The smaller rock in the foreground may also be a Block Rock, but of a considerably smaller variety than what are probably the 4 or 5 major examples. I think I’ll stick to this appellation only for the larger rocks which have a more obvious block-like character; makes sense.

West side of the lower such rock in the main cluster. As you can hopefully see, we have a distinct 2-plane effect on this particular side, with the planes meeting about halfway up.

A corner of the centermost Block Rock. This is the one that has the most visible 4 sides going all the way around, with this particular corner representing the meeting of its south and east angles. For this particular stone I’ve also decided to name the attached, outward faces, resulting in South Side, West Side, North Side, and East Side. But as yet I have no name for the rock itself. Directional Rock? Stand Rock?

Detail of South Side. Notice the hacked off rhododendron plant at the base, attesting to a human presence here a some point. There are several other such rhododendron stubs in the immediate area. Perhaps boulderers? At any rate I believe people into bouldering would like these rocks, which is yet another reason not to tell anyone reading this blog *exactly* where they are in the real world. I share their obvious mystique through photographs instead. 🙂

Another South Side detail.

Another corner, this one from the rock next to the central one of the bunch.

South Side through the rhododendron.

Lowest Block Rock proper, once more.

An addition for today: check out this almost perfectly rectangular slab below the lowest of the major Block Rocks pictured above, and just above a faint path running below them connecting Head Rock, Microcosmia (see next post), and perhaps some other prominent area features. Almost like it was used as a sign or sumtin for the Block Rocks themselves in the past, and a very interesting effect even if not. Very synchy vibe going on here as well.


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