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Upper TILE Creek Again, 01 April 7, 2012

Filed under: Herman/Frank Parks (rl parks),Yards Creek (CREEK) — baker Blinker @ 8:37 am

The Tilie monster again.

From the side: not so threatening looking.

The “Tilie Monster” tree falls across an old, grown-up road that runs through the entirety of the Upper TILE Creek area, a distinct longitudinal landmark.

Top of same fallen tree, which *almost* reaches Head Rock positioned next to TILE Creek’s source. An identifiable pointer.

Source of TILE Creek from Head Rock, once more.

I believe these are trout lilies sprouting next to Head Rock’s south side. Trying to take more pictures of wildflowers for this here blog.

Another interesting rock positioned on the other side of TILE Creek from Head Rock, as yet unnamed. Distinct omphalos shape going on here, so maybe I should call it Omphalos Stone.

Pebbles in TILE Creek beside Head Rock.

Head Rock, with TILE Creek (and Omphalos Stone) to its left.


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